Workshop Details

See the details below to get the low down on what workshops are happening and what to expect!

Functional Movement

Proper body mechanics are fundamental to maximizing your potential as an athlete.  Cinthy Carson, PT will lead the group in a mobility and stability assessment featuring film analysis of gait and posture on the track.

Strength and Conditioning

Maximizing strength and balance will produce significant improvement for runners of all abilities.  Charlie Chase will instruct a series of run-specific strength training and full-body movement exercises designed to improve speed and stamina.

Holistic Health

The athlete’s body requires maintenance and corrective exercise.  Dr. Douglas Kenyon, DC will provide a practical overview of spinal manipulation, applied kinesiology, and meridian analysis to complement the wear and tear associated with intense training.

Earthing Yoga

We run trails to reconnect with the natural world and gain a sense of calm relaxation.  Narissa Wild’s earthing yoga class will accomplish these same goals.  Without a non-slip mat, different muscles are required for stabilization and balance – the same muscles we use while running trails.

Raw Foods

How we fuel our bodies will make or break our training and racing.  Penelope Freedman of Kenchuto Bliss will lead a hands-on workshop focusing on raw and vegan foods, avoiding allergens, and developing healthy ways to indulge our cravings while still providing our bodies with the best sustenance possible.  Make your own raw food energy bars to take home!

Reaching Your Full Potential

Greer Van Dyck, MA Counseling Psychology, will discuss the importance of how mental strength plays a vital role in sports and athletics in relation to motivation, alignment with values, and goal setting.

Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Chelsea Keefer will explore a workshop full of grounding and exploration of our own selves. Yoga Nidra is a type of meditational yoga that allows your mind to enter a sleep lie state during meditation. This method of yoga is an excellent practice for relaxation.

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Steamboat Springs, CO

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