Press and Sponsors

“I am so excited for this pristine event!  Penelope Freedman is a true student and teacher of the sport of running.  She is also very experienced and knowledgeable in proper nutrition for fueling athletes to their greatest potential.  I’ve had the opportunity to train and learn from Penelope and I’m truly excited for all those who will be attending this incredible event!”

-Amber Shultz, 3x Olympic Trialist (mile, steeplechase)

“Penelope is a breath of fresh air, a talented athlete on the trails whether running or snowboarding. She is warm hearted, knowledgeable, and has a passion for life and sport and in helping others embrace that passion. Typical that it is Penelope, gathering up different experts and uniting them to come together to deliver something truly special. If you want to have fun, and learn from knowledgeable people, with the right ethos, in breath taking Colorado scenery…now is the time to grab this unique opportunity. It sounds so great I really wish I was going to be there.”

-Jess Draskau-Peterson, 2x Olympian (marathon)

“Penelope’s camp will be great for adults and children.  If you love running as much as I do you won’t want to miss this camp full of tips, education and coaching for all ages and abilities.  Steamboat is an absolutely beautiful place to run.  I plan to be there for the 2021 camp.”

-Heather Gollnick, 5x Ironman Champion, Elite Champion Spartan Racer